Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well, I guess it's about time we get a blog. It seems as though as soon as people get're expected to have a blog. As if life suddenly got more exciting and there's so much more to say about life. In our case, life is just about the same. School, internship,, internship, homework....and so it goes. I guess we'll just update you on our lives since we've been married. We got married August 8, 2009 in the Idaho Falls temple and then moved to Provo to go to school. Heather is finishing her last year of the Social Work program at BYU and Blake just got accepted into the Marriott School of Business. He's applying for the Accounting program so we're waiting to see if he gets accepted. Currently we're looking for as apartment in Cedar City, UT for the summer so Blake can work on the farm and in Provo for August. Heather's searching for jobs in Cedar and Provo since she'll graduate with a BSW in April. Life is just busy busy busy but we love it and we're having a great time! I'll try to be good with blog updates but I'm not making any promises!