Friday, December 9, 2011

5 Months and A Move

Well hello from Enterprise everyone! That's right...we have made the move down south. This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Batt fam in Idaho Falls and then the next week we packed up our apartment in Chubbuck and moved to Enterprise, UT where we will be permanently residing now. We moved into the house that Blake grew up in. We are grateful to have a place to live and this house is full of a lot of wonderful memories. On December 1st Blake and I bought our very first home and we are very excited about it. We should be moving into it sometime next year.

The Batt grandkids on Thanksgiving (minus William and Emma)

During Thanksgiving break we got to see our dear friends Caitlin and Trent and their cute boy Ethan! We sure have missed them!

This week Nathan turned five months old. He is getting so big and learning so many new things (I'm pretty sure that's what I say each month but it's true).

Last week we thought we'd try introducing some rice cereal. Oh what a funny experience. I'm almost positive that he did not swallow anything but we had fun trying.

After the first bite:

At the end of the bowl:
(Notice the pool of food on his bib...we tried a couple other times and they all went this way...maybe we'll be brave again and try in a couple weeks)

We are getting really excited for Christmas this year. I'm excited for Nathan to experience Christmas even though he will have absolutely no clue what's really going on. We are spending Christmas in Enterprise this year and we're so grateful that so much family lives nearby for us to celebrate with. We hope you all have a very merry Christmas!!


TrueBliss said...

Enterprise! Oh goodness. I hope you're enjoying it :D I can't believe you bought a house. It'll be a long time before we can do that. Settling seems like such a wonderful thing to do ;)

Becca's Blog said...

Haaaaaaaaa I can't believe how big Nathan is cute!