Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Easier Way to Save

College tuition can be expensive so to save money we've started training Nathan to be a concert pianist so he can get a scholarship. Here's how it's going:

Nathan jumped right in by exploring the ins and outs of the piano. 

Fix that posture Nathan!!!

Much better!

You've got to feel the music (we're still working on literal vs. figurative) 

Work on your pedal phrasing!

I think you're getting the hang of it!

" want me to play that, do ya?"

All this practice sure is hard work.

"It helps when I stick my tongue out like this."

I think all his hard work is paying off.
We'll be getting scholarship offers in no time.

Teaching a one year old to play the piano is tough. There's got to be an easier way to save.

Credits: Geico idea....not actually sponsored by Geico believe it or not.


Becca's Blog said...

Haaaaa cute! I love all the different poses.

Caitlin S said...

Heather you are adorable! "We're still working on literal vs. figurative" Hahahaha. I keep meaning to call you but I am a slacker. Know that I am thinking of you and Trent and I want to see you when you come to Farmington (right?). Nathan is getting so big and is such a cutie! Love you guys!