Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As I was walking home from class Monday night around 6:30 p.m. the Provo air was filled with smoke. When I got home I told Blake to put on his shoes cause we were going on an adventure!! We hopped in the car and just started driving towards the smoke. I don't know why this was so exciting to me (maybe I'd been studying too long and needed an adventure) but apparently it was exciting to hundreds of other Provo-ans because when we got to the edge of the field there honestly were hundreds of people parked along the road and standing along the edge of the field. Kids were racing their scooters and bikes to the scene. Any way I just thought of the movie Field of Dreams where the guy builds a baseball diamond in his field and people just drive there instinctively. It was actually pretty eery and we felt silly getting caught up in the whole thing...especially when I made Blake take a picture out the window just in case I wanted to post about this. At first Blake and I thought these people must not burn their field very often because in Idaho and Southern UT fields are burned--on purpose--every year so we are used to it. I guess it was a lakeside wildfire that caused several homes to lose power: Power Interrupted