Monday, April 12, 2010

March and April Happenings!

Well these past few weeks have been wild so I thought I'd give a quick run down of all the fun and craziness we've had....starting back at the beginning of March.

1. Over a month ago I decided to forget about homework and sew all night and this was the result:
A bag for Mom since she has had a lot going on in her life lately.

2. Next came my cousin Tyler's birthday. He refused to let anyone celebrate his birthday on the actual day. He didn't even tell his roommates that it was his birthday. I didn't want to blow his cover so I had to find another way to celebrate his birthday. It just so happens that the next day, March 4th, was the day that Abraham Lincoln (in 1863) signed an act creating the Idaho Territory and so this is how we celebrated:

3. Next we went to Idaho for Easter and General Conference. While there we had the greatest Easter egg hunt created by my dad. He is amazing. He works hard to put together an Easter egg hunt where we use the GPS, metal detectors, shovels and irrigation boots. This year was really cold in Idaho but that made it even better. As always it was a blast. Thanks Dad! We love you! Here are some pictures of the fun we had that weekend:

We left Friday night after Blake's mission reunion and the roads were HORRIBLE. We could not see the road right in front of us and so we had to pull over and stay the night in Malad. The only motel in Malad was full due to the storm and so we made some friends while scraping our windows.

All of the grandkids LOVE Grandpa!!

Cute little William!

Cute Grant!

Tanner wearing one of the cute hats Dad got for all the grandkids! So cute.

4. I just attended my last class at BYU....ever. It was bittersweet. It was such a relief to finally hand over my 20 page paper about the Family and Medical Leave Act to my teacher. I did however have a rather embarrassing thing happen last week. So I'm taking a Family Recreation class from a teacher who is also named Heather. So while I was writing my 20 page paper about FMLA I would periodically email drafts of my paper to myself just in case my computer crashed. Well I sent a total of 12 backup emails to myself. Last night I received an email from Heather, my Family Recreation teacher. She said:
Hi Heather,

This was in my inbox [BACKUP11]. Figuring you sent it to me on accident. Just wanted you to know in case you needed to resend to someone else.

I read it. It was really interesting.

See you in class.

So apparently I sent my entire 20 page paper (this was email 11 of 12) to her instead of myself since our emails both start with heather...and SHE READ IT.....that's the funny part. I wonder if she is this girl graduating from BYU...she can't even send an email to herself. Oh well. We all had a little laugh over that.

Anyway I turned my paper in today and when I came home I tore the special POLICY PAPER link off of my countdown chain:

Well life is great! We are just looking for housing and a job for me in Cedar City and we are so excited to be moving in 2 weeks.


The Holts said...


Didn't know you have a blog! Love it! I am so glad I found it through Erin's! Love ya and that is a funny story about staying in Malad. He he. Thank goodness for nice people!