Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eleanor's Bake Shop & Recent Projects

Hello. Thought I'd give you an update. Blake and I are now settled in Provo. Blake started the Accounting program a few weeks ago and is enjoying it. He's very busy with his studies but I do see him more often than I did during the summer so we're enjoying this time together. I'm still on the hunt for a job and I've applied for several but no luck yet. I'm also preparing to take the Social Service Worker licensing exam. We are really enjoying our new ward and have met several very nice people.

Recently I discovered (via email from my sister's old roommate) that there is a new gluten free bake shop that just opened in Sandy. Blake and I drove to Sandy last Saturday to try it and we loved it. Blake even said that the sandwiches we ate tasted just like normal food to him (he doesn't always say that about the gluten free food I make). Blake had a brisket arepa and I had a turkey arepa. We shared a bowl of soup. Then we had to try their yummy desserts so we each got a cake pop and then split a brownie and a nutella cupcake (we kinda's not every day you find a GLUTEN FREE BAKE SHOP). In order to keep this wonderful place in business we need to spread the word. If you have any friends who are gluten free or even if you don't...spread the word!! Chances are you'll have a friend with a gluten free friend because Celiac Disease is becoming so common these days!

Here is the blog address:

and here's their contact info:

Eleanor's Bake Shop
9495 South 560 West
Building D
Sandy UT 84070

So since I've had SO much free time on my hands lately I've tried to occupy my time with some fun projects. The first project I did was craft cubbies that I found on my new favorite blog: Make It and Love It.

I first took several Idaho potato boxes, cut them in half and made four smaller cardboard boxes. Then I spray painted them all an ivory color. I then mod-podged material onto the front of them, let them dry then filled them with all my craft supplies. You can find more in-depth instructions on the Make It and Love It website (link above). Here are some pictures of the process and final product (in backwards order):

Next I decided to make my first quilt. I just finished piecing the top last night and here's a picture (pre-ironing):

You can't really tell in the picture but the cream and brown squares have blue, red and green polka dots (hence the blue, red and green squares to match). Anyway, I had a lot of fun sewing that together and when I go to Idaho next my mom is going to help me quilt it.


The Holts said...

Wow Heather! That quilt looks amazing! I am so impressed. And cute cute craft project too. You are a woman from my own heart. :) Miss you tons!

BreAnna said...

You are too cute, Heather! Loving the crafts and the quilt. I definitely need help in the quilting department-looks like you're an expert!

It's Me: Emily said...

That looks awesome! Congratulations! You'll never be able to stop now.

Natalie said...

Cute quilt!

Treasa said...

Hi, this is Treasa from Eleanor's Bake Shop. Thanks for spreading the word! Just wanted to let you know that we don't really use our blogspot address anymore. We have a website now. It is