Monday, October 18, 2010

It's About Time

Well, we've been living in our new apartment for nearly two months and we haven't hung anything on the walls. One reason is because we're not exactly supposed to hang things on the walls unless we use thin little needles or we'll have to pay for each hole. I haven't been brave enough to try until now. I also wanted to add some color to our living room and so I needed to finish some projects before I could really decorate. Well...projects done and courage gathered...I have finally decorated a bit and here are some of the parts!

First I wanted to add some color to our room by livening up our old pillows! I sewed four pillow covers in red and brown.



Next we go to the wall hangings. I have a lot of brown to hang on the walls so I decided to add a pop of red! I learned how to make some fun flower wall hangings here and here.
Here are my versions:

Now for the hanging...this used to be my LEAST favorite thing to do until THIS. Holy Schamoly this saved me so much time. It makes hanging things by yourself so easy!

The process:

And the final result:

Well things are still pretty much the same around the Holt house. I'm still applying like crazy to random jobs and Blake is still working as hard as ever in the Accounting program. We still love our ward and we're both looking forward to some cool weather!


kate said...

I love that wall art! I might copy you. And the pillows are gorgeous.

I wish we lived closer too!

BreAnna said...

Looks great! Isn't it great to make your apartment feel more like your home?!