Friday, March 16, 2012


This week Blake, Nathan and I took a fun little trip to Phoenix for a dairy convention. Blake spent most of the time going to classes while Nathan and I had a great time relaxing, swimming and exploring the area. Nathan went swimming for his first time and really loved it. You can't really tell from all the pictures how much fun he had but he was kicking his little legs and flirting with all the girls at the pool. He also loved drinking the water (much to my dismay). He kept flinging his face into the water and lapping up water with his tongue. Grody!

Not too thrilled with his glasses (I kept telling him he'd thank me later):

He's getting to be such a big boy.

We had so much fun and Blake learned so much from the conference. It was nice to go on a fun adventure as our little family. Nathan even got his first little tooth while we were there. It's just poking through his gums now (yay teething)!


TrueBliss said...

Oh goodness! This reminded me of my husband when he was little. His mom would never let him out without a hat AND sunglasses. All his baby pictures you never really see his face because they're covered up by hat and sunglasses!