Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some catch-up!

First of all it's probably time to show some monthly pictures. I have been a slacker with these so the first is a sad excuse for his 9 month picture. It was taken during the pregame warmup of the Jimmer game we went to in LA with some of Blake's family. It happened the day before Nathan turned 9 months.

Here is Nathan at 10 months. This little guy is on the move and will not be stopped so this month's picture was tricky!

So to catch up on our last few months: We went to California to see Jimmer play in April, spread hand-foot-and-mouth disease to lots of our cousins, moved into our first house, spent a week with my family in Vegas, saw all of Blake's family for Ashla's wedding, started hanging out with our ward's 12-13 year olds (I'm in Beehives and Blake's their Sunday School teacher), spent a week in Idaho Falls with my family, and went to Salt Lake for April's sealing last Saturday. Whoa has it been crazy around here.

Nathan is doing great too. I can't believe that he is almost a year old!! He is a mad and speedy crawler. He has two teeth and is currently working on his third (yay). He loves to eat though we're a bit limited cause he has some allergies (mainly anything dairy). He loves to pull himself up to anything and everything. He is a sweetheart and he makes us laugh every day! We sure do love him!

We went to the beach in California. Nathan's first visit was a hit! He loved it.

I felt it was necessary for him to touch the water at least for a second...he was not thrilled at all....the wave came a bit faster than I had planned!

Sucking on an orange seemed a better alternative to eating sand.

Before Nathan could crawl forward he scooched backwards and found himself in a few precarious situations (this is under his crib).

In L.A. ready to see Jimmer play!

When we were in Vegas Nathan loved all the walks to the park that we took.

Nathan hanging out with Will in Grandma and Grandpa's bed in Vegas. These two were early risers that week!

We stayed at a house with a pool and these little fishies had a blast! The look on Nathan's face says to me, "Just try to keep me from that pool!"

We went to a chocolate factory named Ethel M's and then walked around the cactus garden outside it.

Will pushing Nathan on the swings at an awesome park in Vegas.

Nathan loves this particular cupboard...something fascinating about lots of pans clanking together LOUDLY

Nathan and Emma holding hands during mealtime...oh the joy of cousins!

Nathan riding the firetruck at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

All the Batt cousins after a game of kickball.

We went to the zoo in Idaho. Grandpa gave all the kids animal crackers...a hit!

Grant watching Nathan and Grandma riding the lion.

The newest addition to the Batt family: Elsie

Nathan and Emma playing cars

Grandpa took Nathan on his first fourwheeler ride. Nathan LOVED it!

Blake wanted to take a Sunday nap...Nathan wanted to play catch...THE RESULT

Watching the annular solar eclipse at Grandma Twitchell's

What a big boy...standing up to the couches we just bought off craigslist....I learned a lesson with these couches. Asking the owner a 5 word question will save you HOURS of work.

Are you ready for them? (Those aren't the 5 words)


Well I didn't ask and didn't notice any signs of a cat until we noticed that George (who helped us move the couches) was covered in white cat hair....grody (plus Nathan is allergic to cats also)! So I spent all afternoon and night yesterday vacuuming every square inch of those couches...then Blake got home and steam cleaned every square inch of those couches. I told myself that it was the WORST job in the world and then I was totally humbled....first Nathan went to the bathroom in the tub (gross). Then while I was cleaning it up he licked the toilet and then when I was doing the dishes I noticed how quiet he was being and found him under the counter playing in his own throw-up. a.w.e.s.o.m.e. 

Anywho that is basically our last few months in a nut shell. Blake's starting into crop this week (yay...) and we're looking forward to one more visit to Idaho to visit my parents before they are New Mexico bound for the next three years!


Becca's Blog said...

Cute pictures. I can't believe how old all the Batt grandkids are getting. I barely recognized William.

Haaaaaaa and sorry but the cat couch thing made me laugh!